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Barish Namazov

What am I doing this Winter?

Hi folks, I hope everyone's doing well! This past few months were pretty hectic, but I'm glad to be back.

It's nearing the end of 2023, which is crazy to think about. I had bunch of highligts this year, but I'll save that for another post (or not). For now, let's talk about what I'm doing this winter. As soon as I was done with my classes and the infamous Leiserchess project of 6.1060, I flew back home. Things have been pretty chill since then, and I'm enjoying my time off. But there's important things to do!

On top of my priority, I have spending quality time with my family. It's quite lucky that I get to see my whole family this winter, even though my younger sister is arriving the same day as I'm leaving. Luckily, the weather here is pretty good so far even though it's winter.

Here's a non-prioritized list of things I want to at least have an attempt at:

We will see how many of these I can get done.